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Can You Use Invisalign with Crowns, Bridges, or Veneers?

October 17, 2023

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Welcome to our blog where we delve into the intersection of Invisalign and dental restorations. With over 10 million people globally choosing Invisalign for achieving straighter and more uniform smiles, it’s evident that this clear aligner system has become immensely popular. However, a common question arises when individuals with dental restorations, such as bridges, veneers, and crowns, wonder if Invisalign is a feasible option for them. Here’s what you need to know about combining clear aligners with various dental restorations.

Wearing Invisalign with Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are affixed to the front surface of teeth and do not impede Invisalign treatment. Nevertheless, it is advisable to conclude the Invisalign process before opting for porcelain veneers.

This precaution is due to the fact that veneers are crafted to alter the existing appearance of your teeth. Given that your teeth will undergo a transformation once Invisalign treatment concludes, replacing veneers may be necessary to ensure they align seamlessly with the altered appearance.

Wearing Invisalign with Crowns

Dental crowns serve as protective caps for teeth that have undergone significant damage or decay, enhancing both their structural integrity and aesthetics. While crowns can be crafted from various materials, porcelain is the prevailing choice.

If you’re considering pairing Invisalign with crowns, the resilience of your teeth becomes crucial to withstand the pressure exerted by the aligners. Your dentist might opt to extend your treatment duration, monitoring the movement of your teeth closely to preempt any potential concerns or complications.

Wearing Invisalign with a Bridge

When consecutive teeth are missing, a dental bridge offers a solution by incorporating three or more connected crowns, with two serving as anchors. However, using Invisalign in conjunction with a dental bridge can present challenges.

If misalignment issues are relatively minor, a patient with a dental bridge might still be eligible for Invisalign. Yet, for those dealing with concerns like crowded or spaced teeth, consulting with a dentist is essential.

Discussions may involve the possibility of segmenting the bridge to guide the teeth into their correct positions. Opting for this approach could entail crafting a new dental bridge once the Invisalign treatment concludes.

Invisalign offers a versatile solution for individuals seeking to align their teeth and attain their desired smile. If you have a dental restoration and want to undergo Invisalign treatment, it is advisable to speak with your dentist. By exploring all available options and considering your circumstances, you can embark on the journey towards achieving a more beautiful smile sooner than you might expect!

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