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Dental Implants – Barton City, MI

Keeping Your New Teeth
Stable and Strong

Dentists have been helping patients overcome the difficulties of missing teeth for many, many years. Today, the gold standard for replacing teeth is definitely dental implants. Both patients and dentists love them because they feel like having your natural teeth again and help prevent the bone loss that can lead to numerous oral health issues later down the road. Some practices will need to refer you to an outside implant specialist, but if you call Healthy Smiles Dental Care of Jewell Lake, you can have your implants placed and restored right here!

Why Choose Healthy Smiles Dental Care of Jewell Lake for Dental Implants?

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is normally made of titanium and takes the form of a screwlike post. It is inserted into the jawbone via surgery, and it will be completely hidden under both the gums and the dental restoration that it will eventually support. Over the course of several weeks or months, a dental implant will fuse with the jawbone, allowing it to hold your new teeth firmly in place while also stimulating the jaw.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Indications of Dental Implants

You should schedule a dental implant consultation if you or a loved one has lost at least one tooth. It’s also a good idea to ask about them prior to having a tooth extracted. To receive implants, you’ll need healthy gums and a strong, fully developed jawbone that’s dense enough to support the posts once they’ve fully fused with the bone. We may need to schedule preparatory procedures to make sure the implant process is successful. The treatment will be different depending on your needs.

Missing One Tooth

A single tooth only needs a dental implant and a crown to replace it. You’ll receive the crown once the area around the implant has fully healed. One advantage of choosing a single implant over a bridge is that we won’t have to make permanent changes to your natural teeth to place the restoration; we simply fill the gap while leaving the rest of your smile alone.

Missing Multiple Teeth

It’s possible to anchor a dental bridge to a pair of implants instead of your real teeth. You can consider this type of restoration if you’ve lost at least three teeth in a row. The crowns at either end of the bridge will rest on the implant posts and hold the other prosthetic teeth in place.

Missing All of Your Teeth

To replace all of your teeth at once, we can use a strategic number of dental implants to place full dentures in your mouth. When dentures rest on implants, they will usually be permanently anchored in your mouth, simplifying the process of taking care of them since you can just brush them as if they were real teeth. Removable implant dentures are also available.

All-on-4/ Teeth-in-a-Day

One downside of implant-retained dentures is that it can be months before you can actually enjoy the benefits of new teeth. However, with the All-on-4 procedure, we can carefully place four dental implants in a strategic way that often allows them to support temporary dentures right away. That way you can speak and smile with confidence while waiting for your permanent dentures.

Mini Dental Implants

For some patients, we can improve the dental implant process simply by making the posts smaller! This way they can easily placed in your mouth without the need for complicated surgery. As a result, the time needed for your mouth to fully heal can be shortened to a few days. Mini implants are generally suitable for patients who have already suffered from bone loss but don’t want to pay for bone grafts. Another advantage of mini implants is that they can be restored on the same day that they’re placed. You also won’t have to wait to use your new teeth to eat all your favorite foods.

Cost of Dental Implants

At your initial dental implant consultation, we’ll go over the factors that affect how much you’ll end up paying for dental implants. This includes:

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