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Dental Bridges – Barton City, MI

“Bridging” the Gaps in Your Grin

Losing just one tooth is awful, even in the best of times. The issue worsens your looks, harms oral health, and makes life harder. It’s only natural that missing a few adjacent teeth is worse. That said, you don’t have to live with the latter problem. You can always get dental bridges in Barton City! With these devices, we at Healthy Smiles Dental Care will restore your full grin. Learn more by reading on or booking a visit soon!

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge set against a blue background

Put simply, a dental bridge is a fixed restoration for your grin. It’s typically made of unique materials fused to either side of a pontic (i.e., a replacement tooth). The appliance will usually clasp onto nearby natural teeth for support.

The best dental bridge patients have lost several adjacent teeth. That’s only natural; such people can restore their smiles with a single treatment. Dental bridges don’t have strict requirements otherwise. Most adults can qualify for them, assuming they’re in good health.

The Types of Dental Bridges

A technician working on a dental bridge

Before bridge placement, you’ll consult with your dentists. They’ll perform a quick oral exam to see if the procedure might help. If it can, they’ll draft a custom treatment plan just for you.

While drafting the relevant plan, our dentists will suggest types of bridges. These kinds are:

Traditional Dental Bridge

A 3D illustration of a dental bridge

Per its name, the traditional dental bridge is famous. It's made from a replacement tooth fused to two (or more) dental crowns. To that extent, it relies on nearby natural teeth – “abutments” – for stability.

Often, a traditional bridge is the cheaper choice. It doesn’t use as many costly materials. However, dentists can only place one by altering the abutments. They’d remove bits of enamel from the relevant teeth before placing the bridge.

Implant Bridge

A 3D illustration of an implant bridge based on three implants

An implant bridge is a type that uses dental implants. Unlike other restorations, these latter posts are set directly in the jawbone. They slowly fuse with your jaw to remain secure and stable. In doing so, they won't loosen or fall like other prosthetics.

Given its traits, an implant bridge won’t alter your natural teeth. A dentist doesn’t need to “prep” abutments to place it. Even so, this bridge can be a tad expensive.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

An older woman admiring her smile in a hand mirror

A dental bridge has many benefits for its wearer. Among them, the most common ones are:

A dental bridge is ideal when you’ve lost teeth that were once side-by-side. To find out more about getting one, book a visit with us when you can!

Dental Bridge FAQs

How long should a dental bridge last?

Most people will need at least two dental appointments each year. Having cleanings and checkups performed every six months will dramatically lower the risk of cavities and gum disease. If you already have an advanced oral health problem, you might need to schedule additional visits.

How many teeth can a dental bridge replace?

There are plenty of options to choose from when you’re concerned with how your teeth look. For example, dental veneers are often perfect for covering chips, cracks, and stains all at once, while a professional whitening procedure can be used to remove all kinds of severe discoloration from the teeth. Virtual smile design software lets us give you a preview of what your new smile will look like.

Do dental bridges look natural?

Yes! We have multiple ways to replace teeth that were lost for any reason. Thanks to our in-house experts, that includes dental implants, which we can place with high precision with the data from our state-of-the-art cone beam scanner. You won’t have to visit a separate specialist to receive your implants; we can personally insert them into your jaw before restoring them! To learn more about your other options for tooth replacement, call us for a consultation.

How do I clean under my bridge?

In many cases, braces may be your best option for straightening a crooked smile. However, teenagers and adults who are only suffering from mild to moderate orthodontic problems can consider Invisalign instead. By wearing clear plastic aligners for a set amount of time every day, you can discreetly straighten your smile without having to worry about the inconvenience of braces.