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Preventive Dentistry – Barton City, MI

Keeping Your Smile
Healthy and Bright

You need to be proactive if you want to protect your family’s oral health, and that means scheduling regular checkups and cleanings at Healthy Smiles Dental Care of Barton City. These regular visits help you actively prevent cavities and gum disease by giving us a chance to remove potentially harmful plaque and bacteria while also treating minor issues as early as possible. If you haven’t had an appointment in the last six months, call us today to schedule a visit for yourself or for the other members of your family to receive comprehensive preventive dentistry in Barton City, MI.

Why Choose Healthy Smiles Dental Care of Barton City for Preventive Dentistry?

Woman receiving preventive dentistry exam

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleaning

Woman smiling after dental checkup and teeth cleaning

At the beginning of the visit, we’ll examine your teeth and gums for signs of infection or decay. We’ll also look for abnormalities that could indicate oral cancer or another oral health issue. An X-ray might be taken depending on your needs. Once we have a clear picture of the state of your mouth, we’ll move on to the cleaning phase, where we remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. The last step is to polish the enamel to leave it looking even brighter than before.

Oral Cancer Screening

Woman receiving oral cancer screening

Many patients don’t realize that they have undergone an oral cancer screening many times before in the past. It’s included as part of every regular checkup; after all, oral cancer can happen to anyone, and catching it as early as possible strengthens the possibility that you can have it successfully treated. Our intraoral camera will help us check for unusual lumps or discolored patches. If we find anything to be concerned about, we will let you know right away and make the necessary arrangements for a proper diagnosis.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Patient holding clear nightguard for bruxism

You might have heard the term bruxism before. If not, it simply refers to a condition where you unconsciously grind or clench your teeth, usually while you’re asleep. While this might not seem like an issue at first, eventually the enamel protecting your teeth could become severely worn down and might even break altogether. If you are constantly suffering from a sore jaw whenever you wake up, or if we find signs that you teeth are unusually worn down, we can give you a nightguard based on an impression of your teeth. Wearing the simple oral appliance keeps your teeth safe because the upper and lower arches can no longer directly grind against each other.

Fluoride Treatment

Patient receiving fluoride treatment

You may have already heard about the role fluoride plays in oral health care. It’s essential to make sure that your children get plenty of fluoride from the water they drink and the food they eat so that their teeth receive the best possible protections against the bacteria that lead to decay. Some patients might not get as much fluoride as others, or they may be at a higher risk for cavities in general; in these cases, we may apply a quick fluoride treatment during a routine appointment. The process itself will only take a few minutes, although you’ll have to give your teeth a chance to absorb the fluoride.

At-Home Dental Hygiene Products

Woman holding toothbrush and toothpaste dental hygiene products

Of course, no matter how skilled your dentist is, you still need to be taking excellent care of your teeth at home. You need to pay close attention to the oral hygiene products you buy to make sure that your smile is getting the best possible protection. At Healthy Smiles Dental Care of Barton City, we rely on well-known brands like Crest and Oral-B, which are used by dental offices across the country to fight back against plaque, gum disease, and a variety of other dental issues. What kind of products are you using? We can make some suggestions for improving your own dental routine over the course of your next visit.

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